Impedance Calculations - Series/Parallel Combinations

Resistance, Reactance & Impedance
          Series: ZT = Z1 + Z2                   Parallel: ZT = (Z1Z2)/(Z1 + Z2) 

Impedance Calculator 
For a RLC Series or Parallel Circuit
(Parallel Not Yet Implemented)
 Series  Parallel
   Frequency:    Hertz 
   Resistance:    Ohms
   Inductance:    milliHenrys
   Capacitance:    microFarads 
Calculated Impedance 
Polar Coordinates  
Ohms   Degrees

Rectangular Coordinates
Real                   Imaginary 
Ohms   Ohms
Circuit Reactance Is

Inductive Reactance Ohms
Capacitive Reactance Ohms


Series: RT = R1 + R2                   Parallel: RT = (R1R2)/(R1 + R2)
Inductance (XL = jwL    w in radians/sec): 
Series: LT = L1 + L2                   Parallel: LT = (L1L2)/(L1 + L2)
Capacitance (XC = 1/(-jwC)    w in radians/sec): 
Series: CT = (C1C2)/(C1 + C2)                  Parallel: CT = C1 + C2 
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