Mods for the kenwood TS430S for amtor

On the I.F.board change C-164 from 0.22mfd to 10nfd..50v change C-60 from 10mfd to 4.7mfd. 16v….
Parallel a 150kohm resistor across R.109 usuing a small switch or by whatever means you can design to switch this resistor in and out.
In for arq and out for all other modes. some people use the send/rec switch, others have used the noise blanker switch. I have used a small mini switch which i have mounted in place of the left front rubber foot.

It will probaly help to cut diode d-50 on the i.f.board. If you use a 500hz filter in the cwn or ssbn position then parallel a 10mfd capacitor across C-10 or C-8. add a 10mfd capacitor across C-161.(actually i found that these last two were not necessary in my 430S.)
You will find it best to take the audio from in front of the volume control, but those people usuing audio from the speaker socket seem to get ok results. Really you can get away with just the first two mods, change C-60 and C-164. this originally came from VK2AGE. 73s de larry in ravenshoe. GW1NGL NA7KR Kevin Roberts Ham Radio

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