TS440 A few adjustments you should know

A few adjustments you should know about (read the service manual before you tweak wildly on these!):
tweaker what it does
——- ———————————————–
RF-VR3 FM Microphone Gain
RF-VR6 FM Deviation - set to 4.6KHz on dev meter
IF-VR2 S-meter zero - set to zero with 50 ohm dummy load
IF-VR3 S-meter S9 - set to S9 with 40dbu input 14.175MHz USB
IF-VR4 Squelch threshold - close at 12 o'clock with
mode = CW and filter WIDE
IF-VR9 CW side tone level - as you like it
IF-VR10 Beep tone level - as you like it
Someone wanted to know what the difference between the DATA connections on ACC-2 and the AFSK connectors was. On output,
none; the AFSK and the DATA out pin on ACC-2 are connected together, and are fed from the high side of the volume control - they
are receiver audio BEFORE the cw sidetone, beeper, and voice response unit are mixed in, and should be a constant level independent
of the AF gain setting. The AFSK input is different from the DATA IN connection; AFSK and microphone signals both go through the
mike preamp and speech processor; the DATA input bypasses both. The MIC GAIN pot does control all three input levels.
(as a note, you can tap preamped/processed audio OUT of the DATA IN connection, since it is just a tap on the output of the
preamp/processor. This is also the feed

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