TS440 display calibration

I found there was some shift in the reference oscillator frequency of my TS-440S. This can be noticed and corrected as follows:
1. Remove the top and bottom covers from thd radio.
2. Do not disconnect the speaker cable.
3. Connect the supplied calibration cable between RF Unit and PLL unit, as shown in "Kenwood TS-440S Instruction Manual" on
Page 24 in Section 5-8-3.
4. Set VFO A to 10.001.00 MHz LSB and VFO B to 9.999.00 MHz USB.
5. Pushing the A/B function button, you can have different audio signals, if that 36 MHz reference oscillator is miwadjusted.
6. Using a small flat bladed scredriver, adjust trimmer capacitor TC1, near connector 8 of the PLL Unit (the location shown in
Instruction Manual in the same section as above) until those audio frequencies from VFO's A and B are equal.
7. Disconnect the calibration cable and reassemble the radio. This procedure can be done by ear with good accuracy without any
measuring equipment. WWV is too weak here in Finland to use it as comparative signal for the procedured described in
"Instruction Manual", Section 5-8-3.

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