TS440 Increase the power by ALC control

This article also tells how to increase the power of the TS-440 by adjusting the internal ALC control. The procedure is applicable to
other rigs.
Illustration captions:
1. Remove 17 screws holding on the bottom and top covers. The bottom cover comes off, and the top cover is carefully removed
and put next to the radio. It is till connected via the speaker wire.
2. Gain access to the front of the unit by removing two top side screws and loosening two bottom side screws. This allows the front
assembly to swing open.
3. Remove the shiny silver control board protection plate. This requires removing two screws on the top and three screws on the
bottom. Lift the plate out completely. Locate diode D-80 in the bottom left-hand corner. Snip it for all-band transmit.
4. Now locate D-66 and snip. It adds 10 Hertz readout to your digital frequency display.
5. Carefully reassemble the control plate using a magnetized tiny screwdriver to hold the five tiny screws in place. Don't pinch any
wires. Also, close up the front and replace the top and bottom covers with 17 screws.
6. Connect power. Depress A=B switch and turn on the power simultaneously. This resets the microprocessor for all-band transmit
and 10 Hz frequency display.

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