TS440 modification to use antenna tuner

Remove case from rig. Remove (4) screws that holds antenna tuner in place. Next slide antenna tuner out to get to the coax
connections. Remove the in coax attached to antenna tunerfrom FO connector on filter unit (X51-1340-00). Remove coax from out
connector on antenna tuner and install in FO CONNECTOR ON FILTER UNIT. Unplug and remove switch unit (X41-1610-00 N-14) from
Remove short wire from antenna connector to PC BOARD. Cut coax on the in connector of antenna tuner in half and connect cut end
to switch unit PC BOARD Where short antenna wire was removed and shield to ground. Solder other half of coax to antenna connector
and shield to ground, and plug other end into out conector of antenna tuner. Your still have control of antenna tuner with auto and
thru switch. It works very well. Maybe someone can use this idea.

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