VX-1 R Cell and expanded TX RX Mod

This is the basic VX-IR mod. I've taken what I've found on the net, and expanded on it slightly, after performing the mod to my radio. Note that after performing the mod, ARS (Automatic Repeater Offset) will nut function (whether it's turned on or not), and you will lose any stored memoires and preferences. The mod is very simple. First, put the piece of protective plastic back on the display, or take a 3M Post-It Note (tm), and stick it to the display. Work on top of a piece of 8 I/Z XI 1 paper (good contrast, will also keep from marring the radio). Open the radio by removing the 3 screws. Taking a small flat screwdriver, release the tab on the left, inside the battery compartment (assume radio is facing down, antenna away from you).
Release the 2nd ~ tab and that's about halfway up the inside of the battery compartment Being very careful, separate the 2 halves the radio. your will need to apply a kind of rotation along with the separation. Note that the battery compartment lid and hinge pin will fall out. Keep track of these l the left uf the to the edge of the case, you'll see two pads, (closer to the top) O). They look like a gold circle with a line down the middle. You won't move the battery to see these. Each of these pads need to be bridged with a solder blob. Use a small iron, and work careful, or you'll burn the case. After bridging the pads snap the radio back together. 1 had a slight amount of difficulty getting the right side of the case aligned, so you may have to work at it slightly. Before you  perform the "snap, put the hinge pin through the battery compartment lid, and reinstalled the lid.

Replace the 3 screws. Add battery, antenna back to radio. Holding the M/V key and AR, apply power (this is the hard reset to the radio). When the menu that say "INI? F" appears, press the F/W key to reset the radio. You should now have the expanded mod.
You will lose all the memories and preferences, so either record them, or do the mod before you save lots of frequencies. My tests show that you can also now transmit from 108 to 137 (AIR), 137 to 170 (V-HAM) , 170 to 222 (V-TV), 420 to 470 (U-HAM) , and 470 to 580 (part of UHF-TV). 1 haven't measured power output, but am simply going on the fact of the TX LED lighting or not, and whether it made the speakers next to my PC buzz or not. Remember, it's not nice or legal to transmit out of band, or outside your license class. When tuning around, be sure to check the receive mode. The processor puts the radio into AM in places where it doesn't make any sense, so don't trust the RX-MODE option being in AUTO. I keep mine disabled.

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