VX-1 R Internal System Alignment Routine

  • Squelch Hysteresis
  • Squelch Threshold & Tightness Adjustment
  • Wide FM Squelch Adjustment
  • S-Meter Full Scale & S-1 Adjustment
Set TRX to 145MHz and turn it off.
Press FW VOL and MONITOR switch together while turning the radio on. You can select the parameters by pressing UP or DWN.
The alignment is performed by pressing th M/V key while injecting a signal of the required frequency and level.
Pressing FW key after a setting is made stores the entry. To exit press PWR After performing the system alignment in this entirety, individual settings can be returned to and adjusted should the need arise.

VHF Adjustement——————–

Squelch Hysteresis HSSQ

Auto Squelch Hysteresis HASQ

Squelch Preset Threshold THSQ
Inject a -15dBµ RF Signal ( 3,5KHz deviation @1-KHz )then Press M/V twice for the next setting.

Squelch Preset Tight TISQ
Adjust the generator level vor a -4dBµ signal then press V/M twice for the next setting .

Wide Squelch Adjust WDSQ

Low Scale S-1 Adjustment S1VL
input -7dBµ then press M/V.

S-Meter Full-Scale Adjust S9VL
Generator Level to +22dBµ then press M/V.

To save and exit press FW key for more than 1 second. Then press PWR

UHF Adjustement————————-

The same Routine on 435MHz GW1NGL NA7KR Kevin Roberts Ham Radio

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