VX-1 R Template modifier

ADMS-1D.zip is a template-modifier to modify template of the ADSM1-software-pack for the YEASU VX1R software. It really program to modify the software instead of modify the VX1R on a hardware-base.
 You do need the SP3-pack which contains some new .DLL-file because the software is written in Visual Basic v5.0. More information you get when you install the software and look under the option HELP.

 I did not test this piece of software because I have to buy the ADSM1-pack for the VX1R. This software is freeware and also the SP3-pack is. To use this software you need the software-kit for the VX1R.

 The SP3-pack is 1.265kB long so I won't border you with it..Hi. Have fun with it.
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