Keyboard shortcuts

These are the key shortcuts that will work on NA7KR.

On most web browsers you can activate a key shortcut by holding down the Alt key and pressing the key code (hold down the Ctrl key on a Mac). You may need to hold down the Shift key in addition.

C Continue to followup page
G Go back to the top of the page
I Admin Zone (staff only)
J Previous
K Another/Next
L Log in/Log out
M Activate the management menu (staff only)
N Activate bookmarks menu

P Preview
Q Activate edit link (staff only)
R Rate
S Skip navigation
U Submit form
W Switch user (staff only)
X Go to the main posting area of a posting form
Y Go to advanced screen
Z Select the zone list
1 Home page
2 News archive
3 Site map
4 Search
5 Staff page
6 Help
7 Rules
8 View the website privacy policy
9 Feedback form
0 Keyboard map
- Webmaster chat (staff only)

Tips for the JAWS screen reader

For best performance, please set JAWS to read Title text. To do this, do the following:<br /><ul><li> From Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, or Firefox, press Insert+F2, the JAWS manager dialog will open. There are lot&#039;s of options here, but what you want is the JCF (JAWS Configuration Manager).</li><li> Press (&quot;C&quot;) for the Configuration manager and press enter.</li><li> Press Alt+S to open the (&quot;User options submenu&quot;).</li><li> Use your up and down arrow keys to navigate to the (&quot;HTML Options Settings&quot;) dialog and press enter.</li><li> Press Ctrl+Tab till you get to the (&quot;HTML options&quot;) page.</li><li> Tab to &quot;Text Link Options&quot; and press up arrow to the &quot;Use Title&quot; radio button, and press the Tab key to get to the &quot;Ok&quot; button, and press spacebar or enter.</li><li> You should now be back in the configuration manager. Press Alt+F4 to save your settings, and you will be returned back to the website.</li></ul>Note that these settings only work with JAWS 11 users and lower. For JAWS 12 users and higher, please see the manual on how to do this.<br />