ECCA Manufacturer Share Welding Methods for Enameled Wires

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Enameled wire and copper terminal welding method:

The general methods of enameled wire soldering are soldering iron soldering, spot welding, direct spot welding, and copper hook welding. Each has its own application areas, each with its own advantages and disadvantages.

But in fact, there is still a way to solder the enameled wire on the market, let the ECCA Manufacturer(XINYU) tell you.

If there is a straight copper terminal, a few turns of the enameled wire are wound on it. In addition to costly and inefficient manual tinning, this product is not suitable for the above methods.

Direct spot welding of spot welding heads can not be welded because of the thick copper terminals. Even if the welding is not strong, the welding head loss and long life are unacceptable.

Copper hook spot welding is not a condition because there is no hook.

Another reliable solution is to place a nickel tube, also called a nickel terminal, on the terminal around the enameled wire for spot welding. The principle of spot welding is to use the nickel tube's own conductive heat to paint the enameled wire, and at the same time, the nickel tube, the enameled wire, and the copper terminal are melted together by the advantage of the good solderability of the nickel tube to form a firm and stable solder joint.

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