ECCA Manufacturer Master Fire Prevention Technology

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When we use cables, we need to pay attention to sealing, blocking, isolation and other methods. In the use of these methods, we need to pay attention to copper cables and not burn many cables. Therefore, the ECCA Manufacturer(XINYU) has some fire prevention technologies, which have made many contributions to our life and have been widely used.

Cables enter cable trenches, cable tunnels, and cable boxes. The nozzle in the middle layer of the cable must be accurately fireproof and blocked to prevent a single cable or a small number of cables from catching fire and igniting a large number of cables. Firewalls and fire doors shall be set up every 60 ~ 100m in cable trenches and cable tunnels, and power cables and control cables shall be set up between the distribution shafts of fire-proof partitions and the fire-proof partitions. The control cables shall be fully processed or flame-retardant cables shall be used to ensure that the main equipment in any emergency environment can be safely stopped. Tight cable channels shall be equipped with automatic alarm and automatic fire extinguishing devices, such as water spray and water mist fire extinguishing devices, to reach the invention and rescue ahead of time. The accuracy and thickness of fire prevention and blocking must be included. Don't lose the accurate fireproof plugging effect, especially at the cable connection, it is better to use soft sealing material to ensure a tight closure.

Cable preparation test should not only pass the test data but also compare and explain the data. It can be compared with the test data of the same cable and can be compared with the test data of the cable to explore the laws of the test data. For DC voltage test, if the measured leakage current value increases rapidly with the increase of test voltage or pressure, or if the same cable value increases more, the possible measurement data before the cable increases obviously, and the leakage current imbalance coefficient of 3 is large, it should be really brought into play. If the non-test method is incorrect, it is possible to increase the test voltage or extend the test time, and whether disconnecting the cable will inherit the working conditions. According to statistics, cable fire and explosion accidents caused by cable head blockage account for about 70% of total cable interference.

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