Small Failures of Hollow Pin Chain Become Big Problems If They Are Not Solved

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There are many varieties of hollow pin chain(GETECHAIN), but their basic structures only need the following kinds, and the others are all variations of these kinds. We can see from the hollow pin chain structure that most hollow pin chain is composed of chainplates, chain pins, shaft sleeves, and other components.

Other types of hollow pin chains only make different changes to the chainplates according to different requirements. Some have scraper plates installed on the chainplates, some have guide bearings installed on the chainplates, and some have rollers installed on the chainplates, etc. These are all modifications to be stopped in different application places.

How to measure the lengthening length of hollow pin chain;

1. In order to remove the clearance of all hollow pin chain, the measurement shall be carried out under a certain level of pulling tension on the chains.

2. In the measurement, in order to minimize errors, local measurement in Section 6-10 (link) shall be conducted.

3. Measure the inner L1 and outer L2 dimensions between the rollers of the pitch number to find out the discrimination dimension L=(L1+L2)/2.

4. The elongation length of the hollow pin chain, the value of the hollow pin chain and the application boundary value of the elongation of the hollow pin chain referred to in the preceding paragraph are compared.

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