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With the frequent occurrence of water pollution incidents, water purifier products have been rapidly and widely popularized. The water purifier can purify the water, thanks to the reverse osmosis membrane. So, can the reverse osmosis membrane be used once and for all? If you need to replace it, how often do you change it? The Reverse Osmosis Systems Manufacturer(KOKOELECTRIC) will tell you.

There are now reverse osmosis membrane products on the market that do not need to be replaced, but according to engineers of RO membranes, this is impossible from a professional point of view. RO membrane filtration accuracy is 0.0001 micron, which will trap a lot of impurities during the purification process. After a long time, it will naturally block the membrane pores. Therefore, in the home of the water purifier, it is necessary to replace the reverse osmosis membrane. Do not forget, otherwise the water purifier will not have a purifying effect.

So, how often does the reverse osmosis membrane change? Because the reverse osmosis membrane is usually a fourth-stage filter, there is no need to filter large volumes of impurities, so the pollution-retaining capacity is more prominent, and the replacement time is about 24 months. However, the 24 months is only the standard value in the ideal state, and it must be determined according to the actual situation when using it. For example, in some places, the pollution is more serious or the water consumption is larger. From the perspective of health, it is recommended to change the frequency.

Of course, the replacement time mentioned above is a reference time, mainly to let consumers have a number in mind, do not always use a membrane without changing. Consumers can also make their own judgments based on actual usage. If the reverse osmosis membrane blockage is more serious, the water outlet is not so good, the water output is reduced, etc., indicating that the reverse osmosis membrane needs to be replaced.

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