Water Filters Manufacturer Teach You How to Care for Water Filters

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Any machine products need maintenance. If the high-quality water purifier does not pay attention to maintenance, its service life will be greatly reduced, and the quality of purified water will also decline. So, how to protect the water filter? Water Filters Manufacturer(KOKOELECTRIC) will teach you a few tricks.

1. Timely replacement of filter element of water filter

According to the quantity of water and the water quality of your home, the service life of filter elements of different water filters is different.

2. Avoid direct sunlight

Technicians pointed out that no matter what kind of water purification equipment, it is necessary to avoid direct sunlight, because sunlight can breed blue algae. Technical personnel remind the general public to properly protect the water filter. If it must be placed on balconies and other places where there may be direct sunlight, it is suggested to build a sunshade cover or baffle near the water purifier to prevent algae.

3. Avoid approaching high temperature heat source body

For example, gas generators, water heaters, etc. If they are baked at high temperature for a long time, plastic parts will easily burn off slowly, affecting their service life.

4. Pay attention to the cleaning of water filter.

Grasp the correct cleaning method: generally, the water purifier is placed in a clean basin, the filter core is unscrewed up and down, after the upper round cover is opened, two layers of non-woven cotton cloth and sand are respectively gently brushed in water, then the filter core is placed in water and shaken up and down a few times, finally, each piece of the water purifier is rinsed with water and installed as before.

5. Grasp the steps to maintain the water filter

The technical staff of the water filter summed up the five steps for how to maintain the water purifier, which is convenient for everyone to remember.

(1) Clean and disinfect the water filter

(2) testing and adjusting the controller

(3) Replace activated carbon, KDF filter material and maintain and update KDF reactor device and magnetizer

(4) Replace all sealing rings during disassembly and assembly

(5) replace the original filter system

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