Why Should The Exhaust Slot of Household Product Mould Be Cleaned in Time

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Because of the exhaust groove of the Household Product Mould(FURNITUREMOULD) is not cleaned in time, there will be a lot of troubles, which will affect the production of the mould, and will seriously lead to too much clamping pressure acting on the parting surface of the mould cavity to open the exhaust groove, and even cause the parting surface to deform or even crack.

The parting surface of the household product mould is the place where the mould gas is discharged. If the parting surface is flat, grinding is used, and the parting surface after grinding fits very well. The gas in the cavity should not be exhausted, and an exhausted groove must be set on one side of the cavity to exhaust. If the parting surface is a curved surface or an inclined surface, it is often possible to direct exhaust air due to the problem of machining precision, without machining an exhausted groove on the parting surface of a household product mould.

After injection moulding, many plastics often leave a small amount of residue, similar to plastic powder, on the surface of the exhaust slot above the household product mould. When the time is long, these residues will block the mould exhaust slot and make it difficult to exhaust gas. Therefore, the exhaust slot of the household product mould should be cleaned in time.

The exhaust groove of the household product mould is easier to clean on the parting surface and can be directly wiped off. The surface of the push rod or the exhaust slot at the inclined top and other places is also easier to clean, and they will often be cleaned due to their own movement.

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