From: K4ON @ WB4GHL
Subject: PK-232 Modification…

The following might interest you (copied from K5FL MSO on RTTY):           
The  following information was received from Wolf, ZS6AQC,  concerning  new
Eproms for the PK-232 PAKRATT, plus a modification to eliminate noise  from
the  op-amps. On recommendation of OM Piet, ZS6AQC I checked the  noise  in
the  power bus to the MC34074P op-amps and found (just like he  said)  that
there  is a lot of rubbish between the pins 4 and 11 of U23, 26, 28,30,  32
and  34.  So, I placed some 1 microFarad caps across them  and  my  receive
noise is much less (measured on a mark=space scope cross display). In fact,
I  can now even copy some steady signals that don't even raise the  S-meter
needle.  Hope you can improve yours also? This was received from OD5NG:  he
made this mod and resulsts were outstanding.

GW1NGL NA7KR Kevin Roberts Ham Radio

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