Attention PK-232 Users


Are you having trouble connecting to others with your PK-232?

Are you  even having  trouble doing  the local loopback test as per

page 2-4 & 2-5? in the manual?  Try both VHF and HF  modes for this

test.  The HF test is more critical because of the narrow  shift.

Do the leds on the TUNE display light up evenly either side  of

centre when you do the above tests? (all leds illuminated except

the extreme end ones)

It may be that the tones your PK-232 is sending are off frequency.

The following is the simple procedure to check your tones and

adjust them if necessary.

Enter "VHF ON" to set the TNC into the VHF mode and select the wide

shift tones. Refer to Page 6-30 in the PK-232 manual. This explains

part of the procedure.  When the "Cal" command is issued the screen

will display the current tone frequency (and the part number of the

pot to be adjusted)  updated about  twice per second.  Pressing the

space bar toggles the frequency and the other tone can be checked.

After checking / adjusting the VHF tones pressing the "H" key should

change to the narrow shift HF tones.  Repeat as above to check these

also.  It pays to go back over each adjustment a couple of times.

The "CAL" command is also useful for setting  transmitter  deviation

etc. if test gear is available.

"Q" quits the calibration mode and returns to the "CMD:"

The table below lists the frequencies and the pots to be adjusted to

set them to the correct values.

   Mode    Freq      Pot to Adj


    VHF    1200 HZ     R167

    VHF    2200 HZ     R165

    HF     2110 HZ     R168

    HF     2310 HZ     R164

Why this simple procedure and information  is not in the othewise

mostly excellent handbook is very puzzling to me.

73's     Phil  VK4APA

GW1NGL NA7KR Kevin Roberts Ham Radio

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