Dear Reader!

There was such a response to my note regarding "Cures for PK232 Lockup"
that I've had to put out a general bulletin!

Here is a synopsis of some of the replies I got to my Help! cry:

Lenny (the sysop @GB7LIV) reported that he ended up putting 0.01
mircofarad disc ceramic capacitors between ALL connections to
the radio (232 also? Derek) and ground. He also fitted a heavy
braided earth strap from the chassis of the TNC to TRUE earth
(onto the earth chassis of the computer or to an earth point on
a 13 amp socket outlet). The problem then stopped TOTALLY.

Chris (G6FCI @ GB7FCI) reported a problem with his PK232
locking up when a fluorescent light (and other appliances
sometimes) was turned on. The problem was due to spikes getting
onto the earths in the RS232 between the computer and TNC. He
did two things to solve it and is not quite sure which effected
a cure.

GW1NGL NA7KR Kevin Roberts Ham Radio

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