Subject: PK232 Mods for AMTOR ARQ

 Have you ever attempted to work AMTOR 'ARQ' with software that does not
 give you split screen?. Well for example when using the TRS-100, or 200
 or the APPLE 2E, and compatibles that have no software which allows you
 to split the screen.

There is a modification in the april issue of QST, page 28 regarding the -
ECHO AS SENT- (EAS) command, which is udes in the AMTOR mode to allow
you to see on the screen the buffer that is being transmited, as well
as echoing back what the other station has acknowledged.

This can be done with the (EAS) CMD, but once the command is turned on
there is no way to turned it off in the middle of the QSO. If the (EAS) is
left on during the QSO, there is a tremendous amount of confusion on the
screen, which can drive you crazy.

Therefore the only way to turn off the command is with a switch installed
on the PK-232.

If you read the article by AD7I which attempts to explain his modification,
it can also drive you crazy. The schematic shown in the article is fine,
but he fails to explain that the whole thing is as simple as installing a
switch, one lug of the switch connected to R-179 (THE END CLOSEST TO U-7,
PIN 7) not closest to U1, PIN 7 as indicated in the article. There is a
typographical error on the top line of paragraph 3 on PAGE 29. So be
careful because you're not going to find R-179 near U1 on the PK-232

The use of the comparator circuit shown in the article was used in order
to avoid drilling a hole in the front panel of the 232, but in fact you
don't have to drillI a hole to install the switch. The switch can be
installed in a very small plastic box, and simply attached to the 232
cabinet by tape or VELCRO.

GW1NGL NA7KR Kevin Roberts Ham Radio

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