Subject: PK-232 MBX Bugs, Noise Cure

     An apparent PK-232 firmware bug contained in the new MBX
version has been discovered by several operators in last few
weeks.  The problem manifests itself follows:
While MAIL is on, the operator enters the PACKET mode.  The
operator types MDS and enters one or more messages, types BYE,
and EXITS the MBX.
     The operator can now go to any other mode and copy data,
even garble will suffice for the test.  The operator then
returns to the MBX, and attempts to READ or KILL the
messages entered above.  The PK-232 will then go into an
endless loop, or simply lock up.  The only presently known
solution is to cold boot, or to turn off and back on the unit.
Yet another symptom is that occasionally the text will become
truncated down to 15 characters.
     The customer service department of AEA has been made
aware of these bugs and hopefully a solution should be issued
soon.  In what form this fix will ultimately take place is not
known for certain at this time.

GW1NGL NA7KR Kevin Roberts Ham Radio

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