6.) With the P.C. board positioned foil side up very
carefully install a bypass capacitor across pins 11 and 4.  In
all cases pin 11, toward the rear of the board, is the minus
side.  Pin 4, toward the front of the board, is the plus side.
    Ideally a ceramic .1 UF @ 25 V or higher, and an
electrolytic 1.0 UF @ 25 V or higher should be paralleled
across the pins.  The two different types of capacitors tend
to provide alternate paths and avoid strange resonances that
can occur when only one unit is used, providing more effective
bypassing action.  A fair amount of dexterity and attention to
detail must be utilized by the technician.
     If you aren't fully confident of your abilities in this
area, it is suggested that just one capacitor in the .1 UF to
1.0 UF range be installed.
     Also ceramic types are the most effective types,
tantalums are not so effective.
     7.) After carefully inspecting your work especially for
shorts to neighboring pins, re-assemble the unit and properly
re-connect all cables.
    I think, that like all others that have implemented this
modification, you will be amazed at the enhanced weak signal
receive capabilities.
                                     Brian W5VBO @ N7GLL
GW1NGL NA7KR Kevin Roberts Ham Radio

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