I read the article 10 TIMES, and started to build the comparator circuit,
when I decided to read it again, because there was some confusion. Then
buried in the text, there is one small paragraph that clarifies it all.
this should read…

If you want to install a switch instead of building the comparator circuit,
just simply wire a SPST toggle switch to R-179 (THE END CLOSEST TO U7, PIN 7)
and connect the other lug of the switch to R-135 (THE END CLOSEST TO U5)
and that's all there is to it.

So if you are using AMTOR with a terminal program that has no split screen
this MOD is excellent. My thanks to AD7I who wrote the article, but perhaps
QST did some editing and the whole thing became very CONFUSING.
at least it appeared to me that way.

Subject: PK-232 RF Lock Up Mod.

Are you having trouble with your PK-232 Locking up (not returning to receive
mode) when a high RF signal is present?  If so AEA says to add a .01 MFD
Capacitor across D30.

D30 is located in lower right hand corner of Main Board, parts pictorial page
I-1 of operating manual, just to the left of JP2 and JP3 beside SW-2.

I hope this helps, it stopped my problems ……


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