Mod for the PK-232 that helps eliminate RFI to your HF rig while
trying to copy HF signals, eg. RTTY, CW, etc.

Place 1 MFD tantalium capacitors (Radio Shack) between pins 4 and
11 of the op amp chips U23, 26, 28, 30, 32, 34 to reduce the
noise on the power buss to these chips.  IT WORKS!!!
I STRONGLY urge all owners of the PK-232 to make this mod
to your units.  The noise figure was cut way down.

Thanks goes out to these hams for their efforts in cuttindown the
noise in this otherwise noisy TNC.

73, Brad, N6KYS @ KE6LW-1.#NOCAL.CA.USA.NA
KB4T BBS/DABLAN: 1101 Z ==>

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