This little piece of software could be of some help to those PK-232 users
who feel tired by lack of hardware clock on their otherwise fine units.
This program is VERY SIMPLE and does just plain transfer of the time
and date (not necessarily UTC though) from your computer to your PK.
It is meant to be called from your AUTOEXEC.BAT file before you call
the communications program you use, i.e. PROCOMM.
I wrote it in BASIC, but you may compile it to get a "pure EXEcutable" file.
Here it is:
10 OPEN "COM1: 9600,N,8,1,CS,DS,CD" AS #1
15 T$=TIME$:D$=DATE$
20 HOUR$=LEFT$(T$,2)
25 MINUTE$=MID$(T$,4,2)
35 MONTH$=LEFT$(D$,2)
40 DAY$=MID$(D$,4,2)
45 YEAR$=RIGHT$(D$,2)
55 CLOSE #1
Before you type this in, modify line 10 to match settings of your PK-232
(i.e. look up Line Settings if you use PROCOMM). Also mind COM1 used.
Save it as PK_CLOCK.BAS, for example. Then add somewhere to your AUTOEXEC.BAT
the following:
BASICA PK_CLOCK          (or just PK_CLOCK if you compiled it to PK_CLOCK.EXE)
You will have to specify the path to BASICA.COM and PK_CLOCK.BAS, of course.
Now, each time you turn your HI-TECH stuff on you will enjoy this little
comfort of allowing the computer to tell the PK-232 what time it is, hi.
73, cu de Wald, VE3PEX @ VE3NUU.ONT.CAN.NA

GW1NGL NA7KR Kevin Roberts Ham Radio

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