The manual is quite corect in all respects EXCEPT where they
discuss setting the DCD THRESHOLD control and receiver audio
output   level  for  proper  demodulation  and  DCD  circuit
operation.   The correct way to set these adjustments is  as

     1.  At  least temporarily,  arrange to be able to  hear
         the  receiver audio signal which is being  sent  to
         the PK-232.

     2.  Set  the  squelch circuit on the radio  for  normal
         squelched operation.  The DCD circuit in the PK-232
         is  incapable of proper operation with  unsquelched
         audio from the receiver.

     3.  While  monitoring  incoming   packets   adjust  the
         receiver  audio level so that the tuning  indicator
         "spreads"  fully when receiving a packet  from  the
         station  on  the channel which produces  the  LEAST
         amount  of audio output level.   There are  several
         limiters   in  the  PK-232  demodulator  so  louder
         stations will not be affected adversely by this.

     4.  Once  the audio level is properly set,  adjust  the
         DCD THRESHOLD control on the PK-232 so that the DCD
         led lights when there is a packet being transmitted
         by the station on channel which produces the  LEAST
         amount  of  audio output from the  receiver.   Make
         sure,  however,  that  the DCD LED is  extinguished
         when  the circuit  has  cut  off all audio from the

If the above procedure is followed, the PK-232 will properly
hold  off  transmitting  during a packet  transmission  from
another  station  and  will  not  send  acknowledgements  to
individual frames of a maxframe greater than 1 packet  while
it is still being transmitted.

We  hope PK-232 owners will find this information useful and
take  steps to assure that their DCD is operating  properly.  
Multiple  access  packet  channel  throughput  is   severely
degraded when DCD is not working.

73 and happy packeting,

Eric Gustafson  N7CL

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