PK232 Batteries.

The battery holder inside of my PK232 had a habit of falling from the top
cover via detioration of the adhesieve foam used to secure it in place. I
also had concerns about the 3x AA cells leaking with age and possibly
damaging the P.C. board. I decided to replace the 3 AA cells and holder and
replace them with a Panasonic 3V lithium battery. It appears to be working
ok since I have noted no memory loss, even though I went from 4.5V with the
AA pack, to 3V with the lithium. the lithium cell used was a panasonic
type "BR-1/2A" - O.E.M. part no "P134-ND" this battery is available from
Digi-Key. their part no is "P134". you can piggyback the cell (a cylinder
.67 in dia.) on top of the gray electro-lytic cap, next to the solder points
for the battery on the p.c. Board. I used ordinary scotch tape to secure on
top of the cap.    (no more battery pack drop-sies!)  hope u pk232 owners
can use this info if u had/have the same problem!

Signed: George, WA2RCB @ N3FOA, Philadelphia, Pa.  19134.

GW1NGL NA7KR Kevin Roberts Ham Radio

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