Hello Fellow Packeteers and PK-232 Users!

Name here is Dino, KC6RIX.  I just purchased a new PK-232.  While reading the
operating manual (yes, I read the manual FIRST!), I came across the SmartWatch
option.  Now, I must say that AEA could do a MUCH BETTER JOB of putting a
operating manual together!  The SmartWatch option was listed under the
DAytime command (A-34).  I did not know what this option did so I dialed up
AEA and asked…as I suspected, this option allows the Day/Time clock inside
the PK-232 to keep operating after you shut the unit off!  This was great for
me as I like to see the times on my MHeard list but don't like reseting the
clock each time I power up!  This little option is ACCURATE too!  It was a
VERY SIMPLE install and I would like to pass on this info to you…

First, call Dallas Semiconductor @ (214) 450-0400.  They are the people that
actually build this item!

Next, ask for part number DS-1216-C SmartWatch.  It cost me $26.00 and that
included shipping!

The SmartWatch should arrive in about three days.

Open your TNC and remove JP-1 (RAM Battery Backup)  [I did this so there would
be no voltage at the RAM when I removed it.  I'm not sure if it was necessary.]

Remove the 32k RAM (62256).  [Mine was U-5.  Check yours to be sure!]

Install SmartWatch in TNC socket.  Make sure the notch on the SmartWatch lines
up with the notch on the socket.

Reinstall the 32k RAM on top of the SmartWatch.  (Line up notches!)

Reinstall JP-1 for RAM Battery Backup.

THATS IT!  THE REST IS AUTOMATIC!  Set your clock and you are done with it!

I hope you enjoy yours as much as I enjoy mine!  Personally I think these TNC's
should come out of the factory set up like this!  Same goes with the Modem
Disconnect Headers!  The Manufactures need to realise that 9600 baud is going
to become standard and this header is essential for the adaption of the modem.

73 My Fellow Packeteers!
                      DINO…KC6RIX @ WF6O.#SOCA.CA.USA.NA

GW1NGL NA7KR Kevin Roberts Ham Radio

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