Subject: PK-87/PK-90/PK-232 extra MHeard function.

I have not seen this anywhere in any of the manuals, and found it by accident
(it is amazing what you can discover at 1:00 AM when you are tired). If you
type (at the cmd: prompt) :-

mh 0

it will show you the LAST station heard. the number can be anything from 0 to
17, each one showing just one station and each from further down the list. Here
is an example from my PK-232 (there are only 10 callsigns in this list) :-

26-Feb-89  14:49:44  VK4BBS-1*
26-Feb-89  12:26:43  VK4KNA*
26-Feb-89  01:24:14  VK4BBS*
25-Feb-89  06:47:39  VK4AHD*
25-Feb-89  01:21:53  VK4BBS-2*
24-Feb-89  14:51:10  VK4ZEV*
24-Feb-89  07:56:10  VK4BBS-3*
24-Feb-89  03:01:11  VK4XBB-1
18-Feb-89  08:24:56  VK4ADC*
09-Feb-89  23:49:52  VK4BSD*
cmd:mh 0
MHEARD   26-Feb-89  14:49:44  VK4BBS-1*
cmd:mh 1
MHEARD   26-Feb-89  12:26:43  VK4KNA*
cmd:mh 2
MHEARD   26-Feb-89  01:24:14  VK4BBS*
cmd:mh 8
MHEARD   18-Feb-89  08:24:56  VK4ADC*
cmd:mh 9
MHEARD   09-Feb-89  23:49:52  VK4BSD*

I wonder what else remains to be found in the AEA TNC's ??

de the Wolf, Systems Co-ordinator VK4XBB-1 BBS / vk4zev.xps

GW1NGL NA7KR Kevin Roberts Ham Radio

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