PK88 discrepencies in manual

I just purchased at AEA PK-88 TNC and discovered a few discrepencies in the
manual. I'm sure a few other users of this fine product may have discovered the
errors also.

When I wired the TNC end 8 pin connector I followed the table in Appendix E.
After completing the work I could not get the TNC to work properly in the loop
back test. I checked the wiring but compared it with the chart in Section 2.2.
I discovered the chart had pins 2 and 3 reversed to what was shown in the ap-
pendix. The chart is section 2.2 is correct. Do not use the chart in the ap-
pendix as a reference when wiring the TNC end of the cable.

The next error apparently is a typo in the preface. Look at the page titled
"Getting Started With the PK-88". It's the page before the one labled "i".
At the bottom of that page, locate the paragraph titled "Note to PC-PAKRATT
Users". The file name PCPAKRA87.CFG is not correct. It should be PCPAKR87.CFG.
Obviously you can't have 9 characters in a file name in DOS!!

The final problem I ran into was design error in the receptacle layout on the
back of the PK-88. The RX IN minijack is too close to the DB-25 RS-232 port.
It's an extremely tight fit with the respective plugs connected to those ports
to the point that  the minijack might get  damaged by the RS-232 cable con-
nector putting lateral pressure on the miniplug.

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