PK88 MSYS 1.06

A few local stations have installed MSYS 1.06 recently, and at 2 of them
that are running PK-88's have noticed something peculiar.  After an
apparently random time running MSYS 1.06, the PK-88 seems to send out
corrupted frames.  The frames seem to be bit shifted or something like
that, and of course the destination never hears it's callsign in the
bad AX.25 packets.  LAN users will find all sorts of crud calls in their
MHeard/Jlists.  This all seems to be cleared up if you power down the
PK-88 and back up again.  The PK-88 stays in KISS mode of course…but
then all outgoing packets are again intelligible by neighbours.

The PK-88's involved have the "latest" firmware that AEA published,
with the extended commands, and the sifed KISS command (one command
instead of 6 or 8).

Comments anyone?  73 de Al VE7DPM @ VE7KIT, Vancouver, British Columbia.

GW1NGL NA7KR Kevin Roberts Ham Radio

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