PK88 Mod

AEA  PK-88

Disconnect all leads to the PK-88.  Remove the 4 screws holding the cabinet.  
Remove the 4   screws holding the circuit board to the chassis, and remove
the small white connector going to the radio connector.  The following wires
are to be connected to the designated spots on the bottom of the circuit board.

BROWN - (5 volts) - Connect to pin 2 of the 7910.

RED - (Ground) - Connect to pin 22 of the 7910.

ORANGE - (LED) - Not connected.

YELLOW - (DCD) - Not connected.

GREEN - (-DCD) - Connect to center pin of JP4-CD.

BLUE - (Clock) - Connect to pin 13, U20 , 74LS373.

VIOLET - (cd in) - Connect to pin 25 of the 7910.

GRAY - (NRZI) - Connect to pin 26 of the 7910.

Important: Pull the jumper off of JP4-CD.  You may hang the jumper off one
of the end pins of this jumper.
To aid in installation, you should use a longer ribbon cable.  I recommend
using a 10 inch piece as this would allow you to place the state machine
board on top, upside down, near the AEA EPROM firmware chip.  The ribbon
cable then can be placed between the TRANS and CONV led's.  
The PK-88 is now ready to go and will not require further adjustment.

There it is.  These are corrections and rewording to the TAPR
instructions that came with the DCD state machine.  The last paragraph
was taken directly from these instructions.
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